Comusika - Community Music Studio


Project is currently not actively developed.

Development tasks:

MIDIModularize FrinikaHigh
MIDIRefactor it to use command pattern for operations and undoHigh
MIDIReplace Java serialization file format with more flexible formatHigh
MIDIIntroduce popup menusLow
MIDISeparate GUI and audio processing to provide command line playerMedium
MIDIIntroduce modes for specific file formats (mid, smf)Low
MIDIAdd midi specific features: subtitles, instruments map, patchmap editorLow
MIDIIntegrate features from MidiSwing app
MIDIIntegrate notation editor
MIDIContingency plan: Release as MIDI editor
WaveMode for wave editing (wav, mp3, ogg, vorbis, flac)
WaveAdd support for samples and library
WaveReplace wave track with something more flexible
WaveIntegrate and modularize Laoe
WaveSupport wave editing
WaveContingency plan: Release as WAVE editor
MultitrackMode for multitrack files (mod, s3m, xm, it)
MultitrackAdd wave rendering and effects
MultitrackIntegrate and modularize blue
MultitrackContingency plan: Release as multitrack editor
SynthMode for speech synthesis
SynthIntroduce data-flow audio synthesis support
SynthIntegrate java speech synthesis
SynthIntegrate JSynthLib
SynthJSyn audio synthesis API for Java - SoftSynth
OthersInclude piano learning lessons
Otherssupport other DAW formats

Projects considered for integration:

Project nameWebsiteLicenseDescription
Frinika / Midi editor with various synthesis support
JMusic editor
Blue / Using external synth (CSound)
Laoe editor
MidiSwing / AbandonwareMidi editor
JavaDAW / HiddenDAW / Basic support
DGuitar pro viewer
JSynthLib / synthesis
Java SID Player player
Java MOD Player player
Kangas Sound Editor synthesis
JNIZ to MIDI conversion
JFugue editor / generator
Lilypond NetBeans editor
Impro-visor generator

Libraries considered for integration:

Library nameWebsiteLicenseDescription
jVST Wrapper for VST plugins
Java Media Framework
Audio/video codecs BSDCodecs
SoftSynth + links
Java FLAC codec library
OPL3 Java soundchip emulation
SoundHelix generator
SoundComp (programming)
Sound Synth Java (programming)